The Voyager - Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

Jenny Lewis

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2014-07-25
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10

  • ℗ 2014 Warner Records Inc.


Title Artist Time
Head Underwater Jenny Lewis 4:08 USD 1.29
She's Not Me Jenny Lewis 4:09 USD 1.29
Just One of the Guys Jenny Lewis 3:51 USD 1.29
Slippery Slopes Jenny Lewis 3:38 USD 1.29
Late Bloomer Jenny Lewis 5:13 USD 1.29
You Can't Outrun 'Em Jenny Lewis 3:30 USD 1.29
The New You Jenny Lewis 3:27 USD 1.29
Aloha & the Three Johns Jenny Lewis 4:04 USD 1.29
Love U Forever Jenny Lewis 4:28 USD 1.29
The Voyager Jenny Lewis 3:30 USD 1.29


  • Jenny keeps getting better

    By Melio2112
    One of the best singer songwriter of her generation.
  • A cut above

    By epee fencer
    Is this album as edgy as Jenny’s prior two? No, and maybe that was a conscious decision on her part. Is this as bad as others have suggested? NO. It’s more mainstream, but her songwriting is still interesting, her singing is still great - but this is a kinder, softer Jenny Lewis collection, and it is absolutely a cut above today’s typical pop mainstream drivel.
  • Fantastic

    By Jason Meeker
    This is simply a superb CD. Gets better with every listen. Thank you, Jenny.
  • I love it

    By Lauraloo-loop
    I watched Jenny on Austin City Limits and fell in love. I love this album and the writing takes me into the story and I feel like I'm there living it. The other reviews I've read are really brutal. I don't think the album deserves it. Great job!
  • The Challenger?

    By tgifreytag
    Great album. Wrong spaceship.
  • The absolute worst song I’ve heard

    By msm09fsu
    "Just one of the guys" is the absolute worst song I’ve ever heard, it actually haunts my worst nightmares. It not only plays on the sirius xm station they play where I work all day torturing me, but then this girl decides “ok great, let me make EVERY PERSON ALIVE listen to this song by forcing it on people’s iTunes accounts.” so I get to hear it even more. If you just sang the whole song the way you do the verses, it would be ok, but the fact that you have to go from a regular tone to screeching at the top of your lungs makes my ear drums bleed. I’ve never even written a review before, but I had to. Sorry I have to be an asshat here, but I need a way to get back at you for making this song attack me on my morning run in addition to attacking me at work.
  • Change is Hard folks

    By Troyandabedinthemorningnights
    I have been a fan for more than a decade. Rilo Kiley, the Postal Service is easily on my top ten list of the my favorite bands. I understand that some people don’t like Jenny’s “new sound”, but it is really not that new. Every artist evolves and why would you want to keep listening to same song recycled? I love “She’s not me” and the title song (The Voyager”. I think some people are literally expecting to listen to this and it be confused with another Rilo Kiley album. I have been there. It was really hard for me to watch people fall in love with bands that I have loved forever. One recent example is Fun. You can call me an music elitist hipster snob, but I used to hate when my favorite bands would go “mainstream”. As i get older I am over it. I like what I like and I don’t count out artist that are mainstream because they can’t control if a song is a hit. I have gotten a little off topic, but calm down people. She is still the same old talented Jenny Lewis.
  • Just what I was waiting for

    By NotAPrettyGirl103
    I adore Rilo Kiley, Postal Service, and Jenny's solo stuff. Jenny & Johnny is my favorite side project of Jenny's. I love this album. Lyrically, it is sad and emotionally intense, but musically there's a sugar coating that goes down easy. Many fans were angry when Rilo Kiley released "Under the Blacklight" saying that they had sold out and were no longer the same. Jenny has been very up front about pop music being a strong influence on her style and that is what she personally enjoys. While it may have pop influences, it is definitely beyond the brain dead lyricism you will hear on top 40 radio. It questions aging, life choices, and that feeling of looking around and wondering how you got to where you are. Maybe it is for an older crowd? I have really enjoyed this album.
  • Stupendous

    By cwilliams333
    Head Underwater
  • Like a fine wine.

    By Lily Etner
    As a fan of Rilo Kiley (everytime someone mentions the city of Glendora I think of them) AND Jenny's solo work and collabs, I'm enjoying her matured sound. I'm a music fan who gets excited by the trajectory of artists, not put off by it. Anyway you slice it, this is a solid and inventive album that still has plenty of musical cues reminiscent of RK.

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