SuperM - The 1st Mini Album - SuperM

SuperM - The 1st Mini Album


  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-10-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • SM Entertainment/Capitol Records; ℗ 2019 SM Entertainment Co., Ltd., under exclusive lic


Title Artist Time
Jopping SuperM 4:11 USD 1.29
I Can't Stand The Rain SuperM 3:28 USD 1.29
2 Fast SuperM 3:00 USD 1.29
Super Car SuperM 3:34 USD 1.29
No Manners SuperM 3:03 USD 1.29
Jopping SuperM 4:11 USD Album Only
I Can't Stand The Rain SuperM 3:28 USD Album Only


  • I Can’t

    By cali_blues
    “I Can’t Stand the Rain” for anyone who would doubt the talent of these guys this is a song that is worth the listening. Yes “Jopping” showcases their stage presence and their dancing skills but this song...the flawless falsettos!! It’s a teaser of an album but if these guys can produce this type of song imagine what they can do with a ballad. K-Pop is an acquired taste and if you’ve loved what you’ve seen and heard does it matter what they’re singing about? Music is music and this song...made me appreciate this new Super group.
  • Took a bit to grow on me

    By Kalidreamine
    But also the dance is great!!
  • I loved it

    By Estnyfnst
    I loved the songs, I disliked the order they came out but I like the album, I would've prefered No Manners as their title track, but this album is perfect, as a Kpop follower since 2005 I say it is great. I love Taemin since he was 13 years old and I wish him the best if this was trash I would be screaming in all platforms get out of there Taemin, save yourself... I am not so it is a good sign.
  • Best album ever!!

    By Sharoneexo
    Jopping is my favorite one!! SuperM rocks!!!
  • I wanted to Cry it’s so good

    By Chriugh149
    I the concert I wanted to cry it was soo good thus album is great!!
  • Mixed

    By Shawn Elisabeth
    If you’re already a Kpop fan I think you’ll like it. Sounds a lot like it should be an EXO album. But SM isn’t going to get new fans out of this one. Especially in the demographic they want. If you don’t already like Kpop and are familiar with it, you won’t give a crap about this album and you probably won’t like it.
  • when we jumping and popping we jopping

    By scissors snip snip
    Uh, you think you big boi throwing three stacks, imma show you how to ball, you a mismatch, opinionated but I'm always spitting straight facts, throwback I might throw this on an eight track
  • Bops, Fun, Vocals, Quality💖

    By ohbribb
    I was skeptical of this group and the purpose (it’s obviously a money grab ) but when you put aside the silly “fanwars” and get back to what this is about, MUSIC and FUN, the songs grow on you. It’s a great first try and I hope the second album gives them more room to mature considering the seniority of some of the members. Give it a try ! 🥰
  • Beautiful

    By its_girlm
  • Poor synergy

    By 0NA물
    It’s okay. There’s good songs and catchy beats but I think the members clash and their voices/skills don’t blend nicely. I have been a fan of these groups separately and I find it very strange when the groove gets thrown off and I feel like I’m listening to a different song when it’s still the same one. Nct 2018 empathy was the best in my opinion, and I think things got screwed up this year. I still recommend the album cuz it has potential and I think lots of people will like it. It’s just not exactly my style.

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