Kids - The Midnight


The Midnight

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 2018-09-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 9

  • ℗ 2018 The Midnight Music, LLC


Title Artist Time
Youth The Midnight 3:09 USD 0.99
Wave The Midnight 4:31 USD 0.99
Kids (Prelude) The Midnight 2:13 USD 0.99
Lost Boy The Midnight 4:37 USD 0.99
Saturday Mornings (Interlude) The Midnight 0:57 USD 0.99
Explorers The Midnight 4:16 USD 0.99
America 2 The Midnight 4:01 USD 0.99
Arcade Dreams The Midnight 4:03 USD 0.99
Kids (Reprise) The Midnight 6:04 USD 0.99


  • Weakest Album Yet

    By Kbintex777
    Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad album. However, in comparison with their earlier work, this just doesn't compare. Lost Boy is an amazing song, but the rest of the album just seemed like filler. If you want a synthwave album with very little vocal work that just sets a mood, I'd say go ahead and buy it because it is great. If you're expecting catchy hooks and classic The Midnight, I'd say you could pass on this one.
  • Love the 80s nostalgia

    By DRev07
    Absolutely adore The Midnights style, vocals, and instrumentals. Thank you for taking me to a decade I didn’t get to experience first hand.
  • What 80's!

    By OOPs I Got Away!
    The music is four stars so lets get that out. The one star is for all the reviewers talking about 80s nostalgia. PLEASE NAME ME ONE 80S ALBUM that sounded like this. 80s music was not that smooth or ear pleasing. OMD, Erasure, Depeche, New Order....What? None of them sounded like this. I just want to know because most of us Americans did not have exposure to electronic music until the 90s. Depeche Mode's Violator was the first big success story with Personal Jesus, Policy of Truth, and Enjoy the Silence
  • One of the greatest albums ever

    By Beanuniverse
    I understand others disappointment in this album. I’m a huge fan of interludes and scenes that make the whole album like a movie. I love every track and that’s rare on an album. Thank you guys for this wonderful piece of art and for inspiring me and my music. I can’t wait to see you in Baltimore in 2 weeks!!
  • Pure gold again...but

    By The unknown of 84
    There is not much songs here, but a picture is being painted here. Lost boys is worth the admission. That point forward put your music in that realm and with saxophone
  • Good album!

    By Not a recomindation
    I listened with plesure!
  • Time warp!!

    By My_names_jeff34
    I'm an 80's kid that hungers for 80's nostalgia. This collection does the trick!! The Midnight is my favorite retrowave artist and my collection includes Timecop, Gunship, Futurecop etc. I love them all but The Midnight have nailed it with every album! 😎
  • Was there at The Independent!

    By Ditmark
    They playes really good and some of the songs from this album were amazing in the live performance :)
  • I’ll stick with GUNSHIP for now...

    By Jacob Knight Cyrus
    Though I know both are happy for each other’s success, GUNSHIP actually produced music in their album this year. This was a disappointment to me, and not worth my money. Lost Boys and America 2 were 5-star songs, IMO, but when you compare the album with other Synthwave artists that have produced this year, this is at the bottom of the list. I hope they learn from this album that you can only burn the fuel of nostalgia for so long. Stick with music or lower the price on your albums because this was worth 1/3 of its cost.
  • Loved It

    By evelej
    Some of the best that The Midnight has put out. Excellent as always!